Обучение английскому языку на раннем этапе (5-й класс, первый год обучения)
Познание 21 век - все о науке, образовании и школах

Обучение английскому языку на раннем этапе (5-й класс, первый год обучения)


  1. To learn the names of school subjects.
  2. To learn the names of the days of the week.
  3. To repeat the names of school objects.
  4. To practice reading short texts containing the key words.
  5. To make short conversations using the key words.
  6. To learn the usage of the indefinite article.

Before you start

Read with the students a short poem: (Presentation, slide 2)

At school I learn,
At school I play,
I go to school every day.

Tell the students that the topic of the lesson will be connected with School.


Exercise 1

  • Ask students to listen to the names of the school subjects and guess their meanings. (slide3)
  • Ask students to put the school subjects in alphabetical order.
  • Ask students to guess what subjects Jane likes. (slide 4, 5)

You may ask students to fill in the gaps using the new words: (slide 6, 7)

I learn to speak …. (English),
I work on the computer at …. (IT),
I study the past at …. (History),
I run and jump at …. (PE).

Exercise 2

Ask students to look at the map of Green School and the timetable and find the classroom for each subject.
Students do the exercise individually and then work in pairs asking and answering questions.


Where’s the IT lesson?
In Room I.

Where’s the English lesson?
In Room C.

Where’s the PE lesson?
In Room B.

Where’s the Science lesson?
In Room A.

Where’s the History lesson?
In Room E.

Ask students to play Chain-question game. (The first student asks the question ‘What’s your favourite subject?’, the second student answers ‘My favourite subject is …’ and then asks another student ‘What’s your favourite subject?’ and so on.)

Exercise 3

Ask students to listen to the rhyme and translate the days of the week into Russian.(slide 8)

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday.
Friday, Saturday, again
Sunday comes,

After that students listen to the tape and do the exercise. (slide 9)

Time for rest

I like PE lessons
Because there
I can hop like a hare.
I can run like a dog,
I can jump like a frog.

(children repeat after the teacher and imitate the movements)


Exercise 4

Students may work individually or in pairs. They read the notices and answer the questions of the exercise.

From teachers: 1, 2, 3.
From children: 4, 5.

Students find 6 school subjects (History, Geography, Maths, English, Science, PE)
Students find 6 school objects (a textbook, a pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, a notebook)
5 days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Students answer the questions given under the letter C.

No, it’s in Room D.
Mr. Brown.
A pencil, an eraser, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, a notebook.


Exercise 5

Students look at the file and make a rule:
We say a if the noun begins with a consonant, and we say an if the noun begins with a vowel.

Exercise 6

Students works in pairs, they ask and answer questions.

Key: 1 – a, 2 – a, 3 – an, 4 – a, 5 – a, 6 – an, 7 – a, 8 – a, 9 – a, 10 – a, 11 – a, 12 – a, 13 – a.

You may give students a short test. (slide 10)

  1. …. cap
  2. …. ant
  3. …. egg
  4. …. lemon
  5. ….. apple
  6. …. doll
  7. …. flag
  8. ….. eraser
  9. …. hand
  10. …. garlic


You can play a game which in Russia has a name ‘Field of Miracles’. (slide 11)
A teacher or a student writes a word with missing letters. Students guess the missing letters in turn. The winner is the student who guesses the last missing letter.

e.g. H - - - - - y

Key: i, s, t, o, r.


The teacher asks students what new words they have learnt.
Students speak about their favourite subjects.
Students tell the teacher what subjects they have on Monday, Tuesday, etc..
Students remember the grammar rule and give examples of usage of the indefinite article.


Ex. 7 p. 27, make your own school timetable for Monday.

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