Урок английского языка "Политическая система стран: Великобретания, США и Россия" : Иностранные языки

Урок английского языка "Политическая система стран: Великобретания, США и Россия" : Иностранные языки

Цель урока: повторить, закрепить и применить знания по пройденной теме «Политическое устройство государств»; провести презентацию двух проектов «Мое идеальное государство», «Мой идеальный президент».


  • Познавательный аспект – более глубокое знакомство с символикой государств, с проектами, содержащими дополнительную информацию;
  • Развивающий аспект – развитие способности к догадке,  сравнению, воображению, критическому мышлению,  обобщению,  рефлексии;
  • Воспитательный аспект – развитие чувства патриотизма, обсуждение проблемы нравственности в политике, формирование потребности к саморазвитию;
  • Учебный аспект – развитие и совершенствование речевого умения и навыков говорения, понимания, чтения и письма.

Речевой материал: лексика и грамматические явления предыдущих уроков, дополнительные речевые образцы.

Наглядности, ИКТ и ТСО: карты и символика государств, портрет президента, музыкальный центр, аудиокассета с гимном, мультимедийный проектор, компьютер,  листы с дополнительными речевыми образцами, лист с кроссвордом, листы с дополнительным текстом. 


1. Оргмомент


– Good morning! I am glad to see you.

2. Сообщение темы

Звучит гимн России.

– As you have already guessed, the theme of our lesson is «The political system of states». At first, we’ll review the material on this theme and then will be the presentation of two projects «My ideal state» and «My ideal president».

3. Повторение темы. Речевая зарядка. Вопросы и ответы

– Look at the blackboard please and answer my questions. (На доске флаги.)

T. What country is this flag of?
P. This flag is of the Russian Federation.
T. What does it symbolize?
P. It symbolizes the divine light, the sky and the earth soaked with blood.
T. What political system does Russia belong to?
P. It belongs to the presidential republic.
T. Who elects the president?
P. People elect the president.
T. Does the Federal Government represent the executive branch of power?
P. Yes, the Federal Government represents the executive branch of power.
T. Who represents the legislative branch?
P. The Federal Assembly represents the legislative branch.
T. And who represents the judicial branch?
P. The Supreme Court represents the judicial branch.
T. What country is this flag of?
P. This flag is of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.
T. What is it called?
P. It’s called the Union Jack.
T. Is the UK an absolute monarchy?
P. No, it isn’t. It is a parliamentary monarchy.
T. Who is the head of the state?
P. The Queen is the head of the state.
T. Who rules the country in fact?
P. Parliament rules the country in fact.
T. What country is this flag of?
P. This flag is of the United States of America.
T. What is it called?
P. It’s called “Stars and Stripes”.
T. What do the stars represent?
P. They represent fifty states?
T. What kind of state is the USA.
P. It’s a presidential republic.
T. Which institution represents the legislative branch of power?
P. Congress represents the legislative branch of power.
T. And which institution represents the executive branch?
P. The President and his Administration represents the executive branch.
T. By the by, what are these signs?
P. They are state emblems.

4. Согласись или возрази

– Agree or disagree with me.

T. Officially Parliament appoints the Prime Minister in the UK.
P. I’m afraid I don’t agree. The queen appoints the Prime Minister in the UK.
T. Parliament is made up of two Houses.
P. That’s right. It’s made up of the House of Lords and the House of Commons.
T. Congress in the USA is made up of the House of Representatives and the Cabinet.
P. I disagree with you. Congress in the USA is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate.
T. Americans say «The President proposes , but Congress disposes».
P.  Just so. Congress controls the President’s power.
T. The President of Russia can dissolve the Duma.
P. I must agree that the President of Russia can dissolve the Duma.
T. The President can declare laws unconstitutional.
P. You are mistaken. Only the Supreme Court can declare laws unconstitutional.

5. Презентация проекта «Моё идеальное государство» (Приложение)

– Now comrades, listen to the fist project «My ideal state». Tanya, will you?
Let me introduce my project. It is “My ideal state”. The fact is that all countries are not ideal, they have some disadvantages. And I’d like to tell you about my perfect state.   First of all, it is called “Independence”. Independence is made up of 40 states, or consists  of 4 parts: Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern. Every part is made up of 10 states.  
Besides, Independence has got its emblem and flag. The emblem symbolizes freedom, because green colour is the colour of freedom. More than that, the horse means striving happiness and peace. In addition this flag symbolizes freedom (green colour), hope (blue colour), and innocence (white colour). In my opinion they are beautiful by design.
Now I’d like to say about the political system of this state.
Independence is a federal (or presidential) republic. The President is the head of state and is elected directly by the people. In fact he has a real power, but it is limited by Congress and the Supreme Court. The President is involved in the work of the legislative and executive branches. The President appoints federal judies, ministers. Moreover the President appoints the Government, approves new laws, can declare the Government’s acts unconstitutional.
Congress is made up of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Their members are elected by people, and every state gives their representatives. Congress makes laws, discusses political problems, can pass acts over the Supreme Court’s veto by a two-thirds majority.
The Government is made up of the Cabinet of ministers. Ministers are appointed by the President. The Government determines government policies and coordinates government departments. It is the executive branch.
The Supreme Court controls the President and the Government, can declare their acts unconstitutional.
In conclusion let me introduce “The Bill of Rights” for my state:

  • All people have the right to say what they want.
  • All people practice any religion they like.
  • All people have the right to equal protection under the laws.
  • All people have the right to property.
  • All people have the right to vote freely.

Обсуждение проекта: вопросы учащихся, их мнения.

– Comrades, ask questions to Tanya and express your opinion about her project.

P. Why have you chosen this theme?
P. Would you like to live in your state?
P. Would you like to be the President of your state?
P. As for me, I liked Tanya’s project, because …
T. I fully agree with your classmates .Your project is excellent, thank you very much.

6. Вопросы по теме  «Президент»

– Answer my questions, please.

T. Who is the President of our country?
P.  Putin is the President of our country.
T. Do you approve his policy? Why?
P. Yes, I approve his policy …
T. But why our living standard is low in comparison with the USA, for example?
P. No doubt, it depends not only the President …
T. Who was the first American President?
P. George Washington was the first American President.
T. Who is the President of the USA now?
P. George Bush is the President of the USA now.
T. Do you know the name of the English Queen?
P. Certainly. It’s Elizabeth.
T. What was Margaret Tetchier?
P. She was the Prime Minister.

7. Словарная паутина «Каким должен быть президент»

– Let’s fill up the word web what the President should be.
P. The President should be strong-willed.
P. The President should be ….

strong-willed                                …                                              pliable

The president
………………..                        ……………..

8. Презентация проекта  « Мой идеальный президент» (Приложение)

– Nastya come here, please and defend your point of view about the perfect president.
The theme of my project is «My ideal president». I’ve chosen it for discussion because I think that the prosperity of any state depends on the head of a state. But nowadays the policy of the president in all countries has some lacks. So, I’m sure that an ideal president can be only in an ideal state. And let me present him.
From my point of view, a president first of all must be a great leader and of course determined. He must organize the work of government right to achieve definite aims. 
Besides, I think a good president must be hard-working and patient, because to rule a state is very hard and if he wants to get some results, he must have great patience.
And, of course, the head of a state must be clever and responsible. On the whole, an ideal president must be a real personality and a great politician.
Moreover, I’d like to say, that a woman should be a president.  As we know, a woman is more patient, hard-working, responsible and consistent. She takes care of her children, husband, parents and house. And no doubt she could care for a state as good as for her child.
Now I suggest you to guess the surname of one woman, who wasn’t a president but she could be. She helped her husband and did the best for her country.
Read the text and fill up the crossword and you’ll get to know her surname.

Who is she?

This woman was born in 1884 and died in 1962. She was from 1…... She played a great role in national 2…… towards  the black,  women, and the 3……. She wrote a lot of newspaper and magazine 4…… about their hard position. As the 5……of the 32 President of the USA, she was the most 6 ……First lady. She traveled all over the world. She worked hard to improve housing, education, 7 ……. After her husband’s death she was appointed a delegate to the United Nations, where she helped to write the Universal 8 …… of Human Rights. So, I’m sure she was a real 9 …… of her Motherland.   

Key: 1) America; 2) policy; 3) poor; 4) articles; 5) wife; 6) active; 7) health; 8) declaration; 9) patriot.

Обсуждение проекта: вопросы учащихся, их мнения.

T. Nastya,your answer is also very good, thanks a lot.

9. Контроль домашнего задания. Диалоги на тему «Если бы я был президентом…»

Now comrades, let’s check up your dialogues «If I were the president…»
Tanya and Nastya work at the next task. (Таня и Настя работают над следующим заданием)

Один из рассказанных диалогов.

P1  By the by, have you already heard the results of election?
P2 Certainly.Our president has been elected again.
P1 Really?
P2 I see you are not glad.
P1 To tell the truth, I am not sure that he is the best candidate.
P2 You must be joking. As for me I approve his policy.
P1 On the whole, so do I.
P2 But what` s the matter than?
P1 You see, if I were the president I would pay more attention to teenagers problems.
P2 What do you mean?
P1 Don`t you know? We haven`t got enough youth` s centers, only a lot of casinos, cafes and restaurants.
P2 Just so. I agree with you.  

10. Высказывание своего мнения о словах Людовика XVI «Государство – это я»

– Ludwig said: «The state – it’s me». Agree or disagree and express your own opinion.

Tanya and Nastya, will you?

Comrades, do you agree with them?

11. Работа с текстом, общий охват содержания и ответы на вопросы

1. Look through the text «State opening of Parliament» and answer the questions.

State Opening of Parliament

The Queen`s  Speech usually takes place in November as a new session of Parliament begins, and always after a general election. The tradition dates back to times when the King or Queen chose the laws to be debated in Parliament. Although the Queen still makes the speech today, it is the government that draws up the content. The State Opening of Parliament is the main ceremonial event of the parliamentary year, attracting large crowds, both in person and watching on television. The Queen rides in the State Coach from Buckingham Palace to Westminster.
There are many traditions that continue to this day. For instance, before the State Opening, the cellars of the Palace of Westminster are searched by the Yeomen of the Guard – a precaution dating back to the Gunpowder Plot of November 1605.
On the day of her speech, the Queen arrives from Buckingham Palace and enters the Palace of Westminster by the Sovereigns Entrance. From there she goes into the Royal Robing Room where she puts on her Crown and ceremonial robes. She then proceeds through the Royal Gallery to take her place on the Throne in the House of Lords. All of the Lords wear their Parliamentary robes. The Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod, in his capacity as the Sovereign` s messenger, is sent to the House of Commons to summon the Members of Parliament (MPs).
When the Black Rod arrives, in his distinctive black costume, the door is always slammed in his face and he must knock three times on the door before he is allowed in. This tradition symbolizes the right of the Commons to debate without interference. The Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition then lead MPs into the House of Lords. The Lord Chancellor hands the speech to the Queen who reads it out.
When the speech ends, the MPs return to their chamber to debate its contents.

2. Answer the questions:

– What Royal traditions continue to this day in Parliament?
– What historical events do they remind us of?

to  draw up
the Yeoman of the Guard
a cellar
a precaution
a messenger
to summon
– составлять
– содержание
– английский дворцовый стражник
– подвал
– предосторожность
– посыльный
– собирать, созывать
– власть, сила
– палат

12. Заключение: домашнее задание и итог

– So, it’s high time to finish our lesson.
– At home, read this text more attentively, retell it and express your opinion in writing form.
– So, I’m thankful to you for your active, creative work and support.
– Of course, I’ll put you good and excellent marks.
– The lesson is over. You may be free. Good luck!

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