Урок английского языка "A Tour Around London" в 6-м классе : Иностранные языки

Урок английского языка "A Tour Around London" в 6-м классе : Иностранные языки

Звучит музыка, появляются Шерлок Холмс и Мисс Марпл

Holmes: Good afternoon! Attention, please! My name is Sherlock Holmes. I`m the private detective.

Miss Marple: My name is Miss Marple. I`m very glad to meet you! Oh, what clever young children! Where are you from?

Children: We are from Russia.

M.: From Russia? Oh, it`s a very large country!

H.: What are you doing here?

Teacher: Dear Mr. Holmes and Miss Marple. We have a tour around London. I`m the group leader and the teacher of English. We are going to visit the sightseeing in London. We are on an excursion.

H.: A great sensation has just happened! A golden Spoon of the 12th century has disappeared from the Tower of London.

M.: Can you help us to find out the spoon and give it back to the museum?

H.: I suppose you`ll help us to start the investigation. Do you agree?

T.: Don`t worry! We`ll try to help us and do everything we can.

M.: These are some tasks for you. If you fulfil the plan, you`ll get a surprise.

Мисс Марпл и Шерлок Холмс показывают ученикам после каждого выполненного задания английскую букву алфавита, а в результате должно получиться одно слово – известная достопримечательность Лондона.

T.—>Сh.: Let`s repeat a rhyme after me. Miss Marple, Miss Marple, where have you been? I`ve been to London to look at the Queen. Miss Marple, Miss Marple, what did you do there?

M.: Thank you, it`s a lovely rhyme. I`ll give you the letter. (Дети получают букву “T”)

T.: As you know, London is the soul of Great Britain. It is a very ancient city and the people all over the world try to have a chance to go there. Now, answer my questions. You may use a map of London, a calendar and some pictures.

  1. What is London?
  2. Where is London situated?
  3. What is the population of London?
  4. How many parts are there in London?
  5. In what part of London do rich people live?
  6. How many Houses are there in Parliament?
  7. What is the symbol of London?
  8. What do you know about the places of interest in London?

T.: Dear Miss Marple and Mr. Holmes! I think, the children have answered all my questions.

H. and M.: Ok! This letter is for you.

(Детям дают букву “U”)

T.: The Company “Cadbury`s Drinking Chocolate” invites us to have” A tour around London”. Look at this introduction. The task is to listen to me. I`ll read you some facts about the sightseeing in London. Try to guess what it is. And then read and translate the information about the places of interest. Are you ready? Well, let`s begin!

  1. It is the official London residence of the Queen. The first Queen to live there was the young Queen Victoria. Above the State Entrance is the central balcony where the Royal Family appear on occasions of national importance. (Buckingham Palace)
  2. There is a column of one of the famous Admiral, who was wounded in 1805.It stands in the middle of the Square. What square is it? (Trafalgar Square)
  3. These are the people who have the special clothes. You can see them in the Tower of London. (Beefeaters)
  4. This building long continued to be both a fortress and a palace. It was also a prison. It is a museum now. (The Tower of London)
  5. This is London`s Theatre land and at night it is bright with electric signs. Under it lies one of the busiest stations of London`s underground. (Piccadilly Circus)
  6. This is the bridge. It was designed so that it could be used equally by road traffic and by ships. (Tower Bridge)
  7. It is the symbol of London. It was called after Sir Benjamin Hall. He was a very tall and stout man, whose nickname was … (Big Ben)
  8. You can see these men outside the Buckingham Palace (the Guards).
  9. Another name of this building is the Palace of Westminster. There are two towers in the Palace of Westminster: the Victoria Tower and the Clock Tower (the Houses of Parliament).

Are you ready to show us a letter?

H. and M.: Yes, of course. The letter “S”

T.: Dear Miss Marple and Mr. Holmes! We`d like to sing a song for you about London.

Звучит фонограмма песни “Where do I begin?”

London is my dream!
To see the City
Where the Queen is at the Head,
Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, Tower and Strand,
Whitehall and Piccadilly Circus, do you understand?
How can I start?
I think and I perceive
It is the City
Where the modest people live,
They are reserved, sincere, honest I believe
I`d like to have the only smallest perspective
to go there!

T.: Do you like our song?

(Дети получают букву “S”)

T.: We have also written our own poems about London.

Boys and girls go to the blackboard and recite your poems.

P1: London is the capital of Great Britain,
London is a beautiful city,
London is a dream of all the people,
London is my dream!

P2: London is the ancient City,
Where there are a lot of streets and squares,
I don’t forget you, London,
The city of lights and affairs!

P3: On the River Thames
The city London lives,
With a Clock of Big Ben
And a happy end!

P4: London is a big city,
There are clouds above the head,
There is a ground under the foot,
And people live there very good!

T: Is that all?

What can you tell us about poems?

Miss Marple and Mr. Holmes give the letter.

(Дети получают букву “А”)

T.: We`d like to hear a few words about London.

P1—>P2—>P3 describe London.

(Шерлок Холмс и Мисс Марпл показывают детям ещё две буквы “U”, “D”)

T.: Thank you very much. Let`s continue our work and our tour. Now, listen to the cassette-recorder about the sightseeing in London. Listen to the text very attentively. The new words are on the blackboard. The task is to choose the correct answer.

(Дети получают букву “S”)

M.: I cannot find the apostrophe between the last two words. Where is it? (Ищет свою сумку). Oh, it isn`t my handbag! Look! A golden spoon of the 12th century!

T.: You have taken somebody`s handbag by mistake.

H.: What a good find! We`ll bring it back to the Tower of London.

T.: Children, read the word, please!


OK! Madame Tussaud`s museum has one of the largest collections of wax models of famous people in the world. What a pity! Our tour is coming to the end. These characters have returned to life from the “Wax Museum”. Thank you for your help, dear Miss Marple and Mr. Holmes. You are the best detectives in the world!

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