Английский язык для молодых бизнесменов : Иностранные языки

Урок базируется на УМК «Business English For Schools» О.Б. Дворецкой, Н.Ю. Казырбаевой, Н.В. Новиковой. Данный курс предназначен для старших классов общеобразовательных учреждений экономического профиля, а также как элективный курс в классах других профилей. Он полезен для тех учащихся, которые собираются продолжить свое образование и начать карьеру в области бизнеса.

Задачи урока:

  1. Совершенствовать речевые навыки;
  2. Развивать умение аудирования с целью извлечения конкретной информации;
  3. Развивать речевые умения (монологическая и диалогическая речь);
  4. Создание благоприятного психологического климата, способствующего формированию личности учащегося.

Ход урока

Организационный момент.

Фонетическая и речевая зарядки.

Начало урока:

Teacher: Dear friends! Welcome to the English courses for young businessmen! We have been discussing the problems of business for about half a year, and today, as a result of our work, you’ll have an opportunity to use your knowledge in new situations. I’m far from imagining that all of you will become businessmen, but I believe that the knowledge of business vocabulary will be of some use in your future occupation and every day life. Where to work? Which of us hasn’t asked this question? And which of us has found an appropriate place or has already chosen a job?

It’s not easy, is it?

Pupils: (монологические высказывания учащихся).Ученики высказывают свое отношение к развитию бизнеса, карьеры. (Plan for success).

It’s rather difficult sometimes to choose a career and to speak about the future profession. It’s because a lot may change in our life in a moment. There are lucky people who chose their profession in childhood and since that time have been doing everything possible to acquire proficiency. But they are few.

Who are you? If you are not indifferent to your future, while thinking about the future career you are to pay attention to a number of important things. You should determine your abilities and inclinations. You must know whether the profession you have chosen will guarantee good living conditions and give promotion. But also there are so many people who influence you in choosing your occupation. Parents and friends play a very important role in your choice.

Are you going to continue careers of your parents or grandparents?

What are your favorite subjects in school?

Pupil I: Many roads open before us after school, but it is not easy to make the right choice. Of course, it is very important to choose a profession the suits your own interests and preferences.

As for me, I want to be a businesswoman. And now I’m trying to explain “why”…

Pupil II: A career is a wealthy life. It gives us power, respect and status in our community. Thus, how to build a career?

Some rules for a beginning worker:

Teacher: Everybody has the right to choose for themselves what they want to do in their life.

It’s interesting to know, that at the age of 13, Microsoft mogul Bill Gates started programming computers. Now he’s one of the richest people in the world, and Microsoft employs more than 32,000 people.

Well, let’s listen to three teenagers talking about their experiences of starting a business, and say what kind of business they started.

Caren _____

Michael _____

Greg _____

(Listening comprehension “Business English for schools” p.15, ex.6-b, 6-c).


Caren: My friends and I were bored with watching TV and wanted to make some extra money. So we decided to start a babysitting club. We asked our parents to help us design some flyers, which we posted in shops and delivered door-to-door. It’s fun to work with friends, but problems do come up. For example, once a customer specifically asked me to baby-sit, but instead the girls drew a name out of a hat, as we had originally agreed to do. We talked about it and had to agree that if a customer requests a specific name and that person is available, then that girl gets the job. This taught us some important negotiating skills.

Michael: I wanted to save some money for a surfing trip. One day I was weeding the garden for my mother when I thought: “I bet people would pay me to do this”. My mother wasn’t surprised that I wanted to start my own business because my father had just started his own internet company, and I knew what it was like. So she liked my idea and encouraged me to go for it. She is very supportive. I ride my bike to jobs and sometimes my mother drops me off in the car. This all gives me a sense of achievement and I feel I’m doing something constructive and helping people instead of watching television or getting bored.

Greg: I decided to start an employment web site for high school and college students. I came up with this idea because there is a high rate of unemployment among young people. They need a simple and convenient way of finding a job and we provide just that. But our focus is not only on finding people a job but also on educating students about the hiring process. I often speak to students, teachers and parents about the lessons learned through my own business experience, such as motivation, drive, confidence, speaking skills, and the ability to persuade. I feel these skills are useful in all aspects of life.

Listen again, and answer the questions about each speaker:

  1. Why did they decide to start a business?
  2. Who helped them?
  3. What did they learn from this experience?

Complete the sentences below for yourself, and share your ideas with a partner.

  1. If I decided to start my own business, I would choose a _____ business.
  2. I think my parents would _____ this idea.
  3. I think I would learn _____ from this experience.

Teacher: And what about you? Do you Know any people of your age who have their own business? Would you like to start your own business? Why? Why not?

What kind of business could you start in the place where you live?

(Ученикам заранее были даны темы для проектов:

Защита проектов:

Учащиеся переходят к «презентации семейного бизнеса». Это домашние заготовки.

Ребята создали две группы-«семьи», и выбрали «производство безалкогольных напитков», «фабрику электронных игрушек». Заданием для всех было представить «свой бизнес», опираясь на вопросы, которые были даны каждой группе заранее:


Группа 1: The name of our business enterprise is “…”. It is our family business. Now we are going to present our product ...

We hope our business will be a success and will bring us much profit.

Группа 2: Hello, dear friends! We run a soft drinks factory. It’s our family business. We’ve been in this business for a year only, so we are just beginners. We produce ecologically pure juices and soft drinks. We use only high-quality ingredients.

You see we are beginners, but we hope in the future our firm will be one of the most profitable… We’ll work hard. We are sure that our energy, taste and honesty will bring us success…

После защиты проектов участникам задают вопросы, выясняя подробности работы «фирм».


  1. What’s the strong point of your business?
  2. Are you satisfied with your company’s position on the market?
  3. Is your office well-equipped?
  4. Is there a security service in your business?
  5. Have you any partners?
  6. What’s the average salary of your workers?
  7. Do you make your product of ecologically pure materials?
  8. Are you planning to increase your production?

На уроках ученики проявляют высокую активность и самостоятельность, они имеют свободу выбора. Атмосфера таких уроков помогает раскрыть творческие способности учащихся: свободное дружеское общение, взаимопомощь, возможность высказать свои идеи, мысли, помечтать, задуматься о выборе будущей профессии, поддержка друг друга.

Конец урока:

Teacher: Dear students! I’d like to thank you for your work. You were really great! I hope you’ve learned much and perhaps will use your knowledge of English in the future.

Итоги урока:

We have all worked hard and your marks are…

I hope you’ve enjoyed our lesson.

Презентация — Приложение 1.

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