Урок-конференция на тему "Думайте глобально, действуйте локально" : Иностранные языки

Урок-конференция на тему "Думайте глобально, действуйте локально" : Иностранные языки

Образовательные цели: получение информации о языках и народах мира; расширение знаний об окружающей среде;

Воспитательные цели: Воспитание бережного отношения к окружающей среде, любви к природе;

Практические задачи:

  • закрепить знания, умения, навыки всех видов речевой деятельности: чтение, говорение, аудирование, письмо;
  • развитие навыков диалогической и монологической речи; актуализация лексики по теме “ Природа. Экология.”;
  • тренировать в развитии грамматических навыков с Conditional II u III .


  • магнитофон
  • записи
  • картинки
  • дополнительный текст “ Open letter to the delegates of the conference”, “ Tips how to be environmentally friendly with nature” и т. д.

Оформление класса: плакаты с записями “ Think globally, act locally”, “ Earth is our home”, “ “ Our planet is in danger”, плакат “ Do and don’t “

Ход урока

Вступительная часть

Начало урока.Warming-up activity. ( упражнение-приветствие ,которое готовит учащихся к уроку.)Все ученики встают напротив друг-друга и приветствуют друг друга. У каждого на руке “сердечка”, где написаны комплименты. Учащиеся говорят комплименты и дарят друг-другу сердечки:

  • How are you? – Fine, thanks.
  • You look wonderful! -So do you!
  • You haircut is nice!- Thank you!
  • You smile is fantastic! –I’m glad to hear that!

Основная часть.

Объяснение цели и задач урока.

Т: Boys and girls , today we are going to speak about protecting nature and we shall call our lesson “ Think globally, act locally” This is the motto of “ Greenpeace “ organization. Everybody sitting here will be the member of the international conference. You will be the delegates from different countries of the world. Today we’ll talk about problems that worry the mankind and we shall try to find answer to these problems.

Role playing

Now , here are your names. ( ученикам раздаются бейджики с именами представителей разных стран , которые будут делегатами конференции)

Варианты ответов:

P1: My name is Van Lee. I am from Vietnam. I speak Vietnamese.

P2: My name is Lorence O’Brown . I am from Australia. I speak English.

P3: My name is Ahmad Ali. I am from Egypt.I speak Egyptian

P4: My name is Svetlana Shakirova. I am from Russia .I speak Russian.

P5: My name is Mary Smith. I’ m from Canada. I speak English.

Развитие навыков устной речи.

T: Now, let’s begin our conference. We have come here in order to discuss global problems. The problem is that the Earth is in danger. The environment is polluted. Many animals and birds on the Earth are disappearing. Many of them are in danger. Many animals are killed for their oil, skin, meat. There are few Indian tigers left on the Earth now. We can say the same thing about African elephants. People must take special care of them all.We must save wild animals. We must find the right balance between land, people, and animals. We must take care of the animals. The water which we drink is poisoned. Farmers spray chemicals on the crops and as a result we eat poisoned food. That’s why we have come there today.

( представители различных стран высказываются о том, какие существуют проблемы в области экологии)

P1: April 22 is the Earth day. People all over the world think about our planet. They think about water, air, plants and animals. Our planet is in great danger .Many people don’t know how to protect wild animals, plants, how to keep water clean…

P2: Water is very important for our life. It is in oceans, rivers, lakes. But very less of the water is drinkable. In many lakes water is very dirty. Sometimes people cannot swim in the sea. Fish die in such lakes.…

P3: I want to tell you about the problem of lake Baikal. It is the deepest lake in the world .It is 1741 meters deep. The lake is very beautiful but now it is in great danger , because of the factories which are near it…

P4: The temperature is rising. We do not have real Russian winter now. If the temperature grows by 3-4 degrees, it will become more difficult to live on the planet.

P5: Some people’s activities do a lot of harm to the nature. People cut down the trees, forests….

T: I am fully agree with you. You know, just a few years ago Lake Baikal was one of the clearest lakes of the world . And tourists , who came to this river, were given a glass of pure water as a local speciality.

Динамическая пауза.

T: Now I think that delegates are tired. It’s high time to have a rest and to do exercises. ( исполняется шуточная песня с движениями под магнитофонную запись)

If you are happy and you know it clap your hands( 2 раза)
If you are happy and you know it
And you really want to show it
If you are happy and you know it
Clap your hands

If you are happy and you know it snap your fingers( 2 раза)
If you are happy and you know it
And you really want to show it
If you are happy and you know it
Snap your fingers

( итак песня продолжается с фразами slap your legs, stamp your feet, say OK, do all five )

Развитие навыков диалогической речи. Далее в работе конференции объявляется небольшой перерыв и делегаты конференции знакомятся между собой. Работа ведется в режиме

Р1 img1.JPG Р2

Примерные варианты ответов:

Р1: Good afternoon!

Р2: Good afternoon!

Р1: Are you from America?

Р2: Yes , I am

Р1: Are you American ?

Р2: Yes, I am. My name is John Smith. I am a member of the conference. Nice to meet you.

Р1: My name is Van Lee. I am from China. Nice to meet you too. What are the most actual ecological problems in your country?

Р2: Oh, there are a lot. The problem of noise, the problem of polluted water and air.( и т.д.)

Развитие навыков чтения .

Чтение открытого письма-обращения делегатам конференции.

T : Now, dear delegates, as a chairman of the conference I‘ve got “An open letter to the delegates of the conference from the progressive people of the world” .( текст письма раздается каждому участнику конференции )

Open letter of the progressive people of the world to the delegates of the conference about saving nature.

  • Invent – изобретать
  • Pollute - загрязнять
  • Pollution - загрязнение
  • Destroy the ozone layer - разрушать озоновый слой

Protecting nature is one of the great problems of our days. People harm land, lakes, nature water, air. People invented machines, cars, instruments and they pollute the world we live in. People all over the world think much about the future of the Earth.

One of the most important pollution problems is the pollution of waters : oceans, lakes, rivers. Many ships sail on the oceans- passenger ships, fishing ships, ships carrying oil. They pollute the waters and as a result fish die on the rivers.

The second important problem is air pollution. Cars and factories destroy the ozone layer of the Earth, which protects the Earth from the dangerous light of the Sun.

All progressive people of the Earth want their children to live in good, healthy world. We must protect the nature, water, the Earth. Live in harmony with nature!

Think globally, act locally!
Our planet is our home!

( Ученики читают текст письма )

T: Now, dear delegates, in order to get more information on this aspect I suggest you should watch documentary film about ecological problems. Then we shall discuss it.(Делегатам конференции предлагается во внимание просмотр небольшого отрывка из кинофильма , где рассказывается об экологических проблемах. Участник конференции комментирует сюжет одновременно с показом.)

Background information

P1: There are a lot of problems facing people now. More and more factories , cars, add bad breath to the air. When we burn coal we cause pollution. Many cities have bad air. Scientists look for ways to run the cars cleaner. Acid rain harm lakes , rivers and plants. Another problem is that farmers spray chemicals on the crops and as a result we eat poisoned food. Etc.

Развитие навыков полилога. Обсуждение полученного письма и просмотренного сюжета.


T: I think today we shall find ways out of this problem .What do you think about this? What can we do in this case? Can we get any positive results? Can we prevent ecological catastrophe? Should we unite the efforts of scientists, journalists, progressive people and help the nature?

P1: My name is Mr. Brown. I’m from the newspaper “Times”. We try to do much to inform the people about environmental problems. The good news is that many countries are working hard to solve the ecological problems. To my mind we must not use rivers for economic purposes. What do you think about it?

P2: My name is Liza O’ Konor.Greenpeace representative. I think that people are not conscious about nature , because they don’t think about consequences of polluting lakes, rivers. They don’t think about that harmful effect which bad air and acid rains make on the people. I think that we must plant trees , recycle litter. Etc.

P3: My name is Svetlana Shakirova. I’m the press secretary of “Tatneft “company. I’m fully agree with the participants of the conference. There are a lot of ecological problems in our region too. But our company tries to be friendly with nature. Much work has been done to save pure mineral springs and they are very popular in our town. These springs are used to cure our people .

P4: My name is James Garret. I’m from the state Pennsylvania, the USA, the scientist on modern technologies. To say the truth, we can’t guarantee pure water, fresh air , les noise in our planet because of using modern technologies. People must do their best to protect nature, we must attract people’s attention on the problems

Развитие навыков письма. Принятие резолюции конференции.

Т: Now, dear delegates, let’s take the resolution of the conference. (Учащиеся выходят к доске и пишут текст резолюции)





Зачитывание памяток о защите окружающей среды

T: Now, dear delegates , I want to give some notes to you . “ How to be environmentally friendly with the nature”(учащимся раздаются памятки с советами о том, как дружить с природой)

Tips how to be environmentally friendly !

  1. Walk or ride a bike
  2. Turn off the lights when you leave the room.
  3. Take shorter showers to save the water.
  4. Write on both sides of the paper.
  5. Use public transport.
  6. Repair leaking taps.
  7. Don’t pour oil, fat, milk, chemicals on the sink.

Закрепление грамматических навыков

T: Let’s do some grammar now. We shall do it in writing form. Complete the sentences using Conditional II and III.

  1. If people didn’t throw away tons of rubbish, our planet would …
  2. If people didn’t drop litter , …
  3. If people thought about the Earth,…
  4. If people had stopped using poisonous gases,

Итоги урока.

T: And today’s lesson I want to finish with the words of the famous American It’s too early for a man to ride a nature like a horseman- he hasn’t earned this”

And your hometask will be to write a composition about ecological problems of your regionДалее учитель выставляет оценки и подводит итоги урока. 

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