План-конспект открытого урока по английскому языку в 9-м классе по теме "Music of our town" : Иностранные языки

Проектная методика.

Задачи урока:


  • воспитывать любовь к музыке, уважение к эстетическим предпочтениям других людей,
  • способствовать развитию у учащихся репродуктивного и произвольного воображения, самоанализа эмоциональной сферы, умения вступать в речевое общение, участвовать в диалоге и умения слушать.

Развивающие: способствовать

  1. умению использовать речь как средство самовыражения и коммуникации;
  2. развитию скорости понимания аудирования;
  3. умению анализировать, устанавливать причинно-следственные связи.


  • проконтролировать навыки монологической речи,
  • активизировать употребление лексики по теме,
  • обучение аудированию с целью поиска информации.


  • магнитофон,
  • мультимедийный проектор,
  • фрагменты музыкальных произведений разных стилей,
  • любимые песни учеников,
  • презентация "музыкальные инструменты",
  • художественные "клипы".

T. What is music? Specialists explain it very well: " Music is art of combining sounds that have rhythm, harmony and melody."But music isn\'t a combination of pleasant sounds only. Can you explain what is music for you?

P.1. I think music is beauty in sounds.

P.2. For me music is my mood.

P.3. I am sure that music is the soul of the world:

T. There are different musical styles. What styles do you know?

P., P. Pop music, rock, folk, classical, country, dance, martial, sacred, organ, spiritual, jazz:

T. Please, listen to the music and try to define what musical style is it.

P.1. This is jazz .

P.2. This is country music.

P.3. It\'s rock\'n roll.

P.4. It\'s blues.

P.5. It\'s rap:

T. Some young people don\'t think they can listen to classical music and enjoy it. "Symphonies are very difficult to understand", they say. This idea is wrong. In fact classical music is easy to understand if you listen to it often enough. What can you say about classical music? Do you like it?

P.1. I enjoy classical music.

P.2. It is too complicated for me.

P.3. I find it noisy and dreadful.

P.4. I like classical music. It enriches me.

T. What famous classical composers do you know?

P.1-P: Debussy, Bach, Mozart, Mendelssohn, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsky, Ravel, Chopin, Vivaldi, Shostakovich,Verdi:

T. Can you tell us some words about these composers?

P.1. I would like to tell you about a famous English composer Henry Purcell. His opera "Dido and Aeneas" was the first British classical opera. Several bars from his song "Lilliburlero" are used by the BBC as a signature tune for Overseas Service News.

P.2. Benjamin Britten began writing music as a child, later in life he wrote a great deal of music for young people. He was a master of vocal music of all kinds. Britten started the Alde burgh Festival.

P.3. I\'ll tell you about Ludwig van Beethoven. He is one of the world\'s greatest composers. At the peak of his career, he began lose his hearing. But it didn\'t interfere with his ability to compose. He wrote one of his most powerful compositions - the Nine Symphony - after he became completely deaf.

P.4. I like very much an outstanding Russian composer Sergey Rachmaninoff. His greatest compositions are the Prelude, the Second and Third Piano Concertos, and the Rhapsody on the Theme of Paganini. He became famous with audiences around the world for his piano performances.

T. Music in the life of different people is different: some compose music , others play music, and others only listen to music.

Look at the screen, listen to music and tell me what musical instruments these are. ( презентация "музыкальные инструменты")

P. - P. A piano, drams, a guitar, a violin, a trumpet, a viola, a clarinet, a synthesizer, a xylophone, a bass(guitar).

T. Can you play any musical instrument?

P.1. I can play :

P.2. I can\'t play any musical instrument, but I like the sounds of :

T. There is music everywhere, but if you want to listen to living music you go to the concert. How can you invite your friend to the concert?

P.1. Would you like to go to the concert?

P.2. Why not to go to the concert?

P.3. What about going to the concert?

P.4. Let\'s go to the concert!

T. Artjem, can you invite your friend to the concert?

P.1.- Let\'s go to the concert!

P.2. - What kind of concert will it be?

P.1. - It will be a concert of popular singers.

P.2. - It sounds great! What singers will take part in the concert?

P.1. - Maxim and "Korni" and "Fabrika zvjezd"!

P.2. - Have you seen this programme?

P.1. - The singers\'ve just arrived to our town. This is their first performance.

P.2. - Where will the concert be?

P.1. - The concert will be in the House of culture.

P.2. - When will it be?

P.1. - Tomorrow at 5 p.m.

T. Please Ilja, invite your friend to the concert.

P.1. - Are you free tonight?

P.2. - Why? Are you going to invite me somewhere?

P.1. - Yes. I\'ve got tickets for the concert of Maxim.

P.2. - Oh! How did you manage to get seats?

P.1. - Don\'t ask me questions, just say whether you\'re coming or not.

P.2. - Of course I am. How can I miss a chance like that!

T. If you go to the concert you should observe some rules. Do you know these rules?

P. - Not to drink or eat during the performance.

- To switch all alarms off.

The taking of photographs is strictly forbidden.

Not to make noise during the music.

T. Let\'s imagine you are at the concert and you enjoy your favourite music. What does it picture in your mind?

Защита проектов.

Под звуки выбранной музыки ученики демонстрируют заранее приготовленные "клипы" , рассказывают о своих любимых исполнителях и о том, какие мысли и чувства вызывает в них любимая музыка.

T. People want to know everything about their favourite singers. Sometimes they tell very surprising stories. Very often they aren\'t true. Take your Activity Books, open them at page 27, ex.12. There are some sentences from the story about Dmitry Hvorostowsky. Some of them are true , others are wrong. Please listen to the story and mark the true sentences .

( Звучит текст о Дмитрии Хворостовском) 2 р.

T. Please read the true sentences.

P.1.- Dmitry is a famous opera singer.

He came from siberia to conquer the West.

He has a great voice.

He likes pop-music too.

He played football when he was younger.

His wife is a ballet dancer.

He enjoys being a famous opera star.

He has a lot of fans in his native town, throughout Russia, and abroad.

T. Who can retell this story?

P.1. -:

T. We can see that everybody likes music. Music helps us to see the beauty of our world and to become better. I thank you for your work at our lesson.

Список используемой литературы.

  1. Учебник английского языка для 9 класса общеобразовательных учреждений. В. П. Кузовлев.
  2. Рабочая тетрадь к учебнику для 9 класса.
  3. Дидактические карточки - задания по английскому языку. 9 класс, Г. С. Макарова.
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