Сценарий спектакля "Остров сокровищ". 5-й класс : Иностранные языки

Сценарий спектакля "Остров сокровищ". 5-й класс : Иностранные языки

Scene 1


Fifteen men on a dead man`s chest!
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!
Drink and the devil had done for the rest!
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!

Jim: Captain Bones, please tell us one of your stories.

Mother: Tell us about your life at sea.

Bones: It`s a hard life to be sure. And you can meet pirates. They have no honour and no regard for human life. And if a pirate is considered a traitor he is given the black spot.

Jim: What is that?

Bones: It`s the pirates` death penalty.

Mother: There`s an ugly-looking crowd of men outside.

Bones: It`s Silver and his gang of cut-throats.

Jim: It`s for you, Captain Bones.

Bones: What is it? A letter for me? No, not the black spot! They`ve given me the black spot.

Jim: Mother, close the door.

Bones: My chest! I want you to have it. It will bring you good fortune.

Jim: Look! It`s some sort of map.

Mother: It`s a treasure map! Take the track up the hill, ignoring the first and second turnings but pick up the third.

Jim: What does it mean?

Mother: Hush boy! When it goes downhill. At the hollow tree, stop, take three steps backwards from the tree. Now Jim, you must leave by the back door and take the map to Squire Trelawney. He will know what to do with it

Scene 2

Squire: Who on earth could that be at this time of night?

Doctor: Are you expecting anyone?

Squire: Ah, it`s young Jim from the Admiral Benbow. How are you young man?

Jim: Fine, thank you. Good evening, Doctor.

Doctor: Good evening, young man.

Squire: You look quite of breath, Jim, is everything allrigh?

Jim: We found this treasure map in Captain Bones` chest.

Squire: Look, it has directions on this side to get to the treasure location.

Doctor: Well, we know how to find the treasure but how do we find the island.

Jim: I think I can find it.

Squire: How?

Jim: Look, it says at the top, “Treasure Island, second on the left after Santa Marco”.

Doctor: Well what are we waiting for? Let`s go!

Squire: But we need a ship and a crew.

Jim: I can be your cabin boy.

Squire: Excellent! And I suppose we ought to think about buying some supplies.

Doctor: Where to start? That`s the art.

Squire: I`ll take the trap to the market, if I can park it.

Doctor: You`d better go soon, June.

Squire: I`ll make a list, Chris.

Doctor: We`ll need lots of food, Dude.

Squire: And plenty of nectar, Hector.

Doctor: What about fresh veg, Reg?

Squire: Get some cake, Jake.

Doctor: Also some wheat, Pete.

Squire: Even some corn, Lorne.

Doctor: Drums and fifes,

Squire: Dishes and knives,

Jim: Muskets and shot,

Squire: Lobster and pot,

Doctor: Kettles and pots,

Jim: Whiskey and rum,

Squire: Peaches and cream,

Doctor: Haddock and bream,

Jim: Longboats and oars.

Scene 3

Squire: Good day to you good fellows. I wonder if you can help me.

Silver: Depends what you want, don`t it.

Squire: Allow me introduce myself; I am Squire Trelawney.

Silver: And I am Long John Silver.

Squire: I want to hire some men. I have a ship.

Silver: So you need men to crew it.

Squire: A ship`s cook.

Silver: That would be me, Long John Silver.

Squire: A captain`s steward.

O`brain: That would be me. O`brain.

Squire: A lookout.

Bart: I`ll do that sir.

Squire: I think that`s about it.

Silver: Throw the mooring lines ashore!

Raise the yards and pull the oar!

Now the anchor`s weighed we`re ready to go!

Now the topsail is unfurled,

We are off to see the world!

Sail away till we`re homeward bound!

O`brain: We`re on our way!

An adventure will begin today!

Yo ho! We`ll go!

Bart: To whichever way the breezes blow!

So come what may, let`s sail away!

And with our luck we`ll find our way back home some day!

Scene 4

Jim, Squire, Doctor: We`re on our way!

Parrot: Pieces of eight! Ready about! Ready about!

Silver: That will do!

Parrot: That will do! That will do! That will do! Pieces of eight!

Squire: Congratulations on your excellent choice of crew, Mr Silver.

Silver: And who, pray, might you be?

Jim: Jim Hawkins, sir. I am a cabin boy.

Parrot: Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!

Jim: What was that?

Silver: This is my parrot.

Parrot: Where is the map? Where is the map?

Jim: What did he say?

Silver: Oh, take no notice of him.

Jim: He mentioned a map.

Silver: Did he? Ha,ha,ha!

Doctor: Jim, do you still have the treasure map?

Jim: Yes.

Doctor: I think you had better hand it to me for security.

Jim: But it quite safe…..

Doctor: Jim, as ship`s Doctor, I insist that, for your own well being, you hand the map over to me. I will put it in the safe until we arrive at the island. Now where to hide the key?

Jim: I`ll keep it. No one will ever suspect a cabin boy.

Doctor: Very well.

Parrot: Where is the map? Where is the map?

Jim: Captain Smollette, sir. He wants to speak with you.

Squire: I am always at captain`s orders.

Captain: Well sir, I don`t like this cruise. I don`t like the men.

Squire: Perhaps you don`t like the ship?

Captain: I can`t speak as to that sir. Next I hear we are going after treasure. I don`t like treasure voyages. They are secret. But this secret has been told to me by the parrot.

Squire: Silver parrot?

Doctor: Thank you Captain. That is all clear. We take the risk. What about the crew? Are they not good seemen?

Captain: I don`t like them. I think I should have chosen them.

Doctor: Perhaps you should.

Scene 5

O`brain: The sooner we strike the better.

Bart: Are you sure this is a good idea, O`brain?

O`brain: Taking a ship by mutiny is a dangerous business. Look out! Here comes Silver! Don`t say a word!

Silver: What`s this? Not fighting again are we, gentlemen? You`ll live quiet, you`ll stay sober and you`ll work hard until I give the word!

Bart: But when will that be, Silver? The men are getting impatient.

Silver: Just hold on to your course and trust old Long John. To Flint and his treasure!

O`brain and Bart: To Flint and his treasure!

Squire: I have been carefully plotting our course since we left Bristol!

Jim: Excuse me?

Doctor: If you had spent more time learning how navigate, we wouldn`t be in this mess!

Jim: Gentlemen?

Squire: Not now, Jim we`re having an important meeting.

Jim: The crew are organizing a mutiny!

Doctor: Is there anyone on board knows how to navigate?

Jim: They`re going to take the ship!

Doctor and Squire: What?

Jim: I overheard the conversation.

Squire: Goodness!

Voice: Land Ahoy!

Doctor: Muster the crew. Tell them to board two boats and make straight for the island.

Silver: I feel our moment is now very close. We`ve made fast at the island and I know for sure there`s a treasure map on board. All we have to do is get our hands on that map.

O`brain: We`re gonna be rich, boys!

We`re gonna be rich!

When you`ve got lots of dough,

Then life can run without a glitch!

Bart: An affluent lifestyle with money to burn!

It`s much more fun to spend some money which you didn`t earn!

A brand new bandanna!

A barrel of rum!

A big house with a room for my mum!

Scene 6

Jim: Who are you?

Ben Gunn: Ben Gunn. I haven`t spoken with a Christian these three years.

Jim: Were you shipwrecked?

Ben Gunn: marooned. Now, Jim, you tell me the truth. That isn`t Flint`s ship?

Jim: It`s not Flint`s ship, and Flint`s dead.

Ben Gunn: Silver?

Jim: He is the cook.

Ben Gunn: So, you are looking for the treasure, aren`t you? I was in Flint`s ship when he buried the treasure. Billy Bones and Long John knew about the treasure. I was in another ship three years ago. “Boys” said I, here`s Flint`s treasure on this island. Let`s land and find it. Twelve days they looked for it, until one morning they all went aboard and left me on this island. Can you take me to your friends.

Jim: Squire is a gentleman. He will help you. Follow me!

Jim: This is Ben Gunn. If we help him to get out of this island, he will show us the secret place.

Captain Smollett: Who goes? Stand, or we fire.

Silver: Flag of truce.

Captain Smollett: Doctor Livesey take the north side, if you please. Jim, the east. I have not the slightest desire to talk to you. If you wish to talk to me, you can come, that`s all.

Scene 7

O`brain: Two guineas! That`s your seven hundred thousand pounds, is it?

Silver: Dig away, boys! You`ll find the treasure!

Parrot: Dig! Dig! Dig! Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!

Bart: Look at his face he knew there wasn`t any treasure!

Silver: Wait! Wait! I`ll explain everything! Wait! I`ll….

O`brain: I don`t think you will have such an opportunity.

Parrot: He won`t have such an opportunity! He won`t have such an opportunity! Pieces of eight!

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