Британские мотивы в Санкт-Петербурге (British motives in Saint Peterburg) : Иностранные языки

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Today we’ll tell you about British people and places connected with our beautiful city S-P which is truly considered  to be one of the best European cities in Russia.


The first foreigners arrived in Northern capital founded by Peter I were sailors, engineers, mathematicians, doctors. The developing city needed them very much. Who were those people?
Captain Tomas Gordon from Scotland was the main Commander of Krondshtadt port and became the first Russian admiral.
Scottish  doctor, scientist and philosopher  Robert Erskin was the main Peter’s I  physician and the first admiral  in Russia. He discovered  Polustrov water. Erskin was given the title of  the  pharmaceutical office President. Now it’s similar to the title of Minister of public health.
Talented shipbuilder from England Richard Brown was responsible for ships of the Baltic Fleet.
He designed and built ships for Russia.


Brothers Roman and Yakov Bruse were the Scottish kings’ descendants. They were men of  rare erudition. Yakov was the best in astronomy, physics,  maths. He was a serviceman and a commander of artillery in Poltavskaya  fight. Also he was a diplomat.
Roman became the first commandant of Petersburg.
Peter I paid high tribute to the services they rendered to Russia.


There are some places in our city related to the  British.
First of all it’s English Embankment and English Prospect. English people lived on the left bank of the river Neva not far from the port and shipyard. Peter the Great gave the piece of the land to Joseph Nigh who was a shipbuilder. In the 12 century English merchants, doctors, businessmen lived there. They set up British colony which gave an idea about British way of life. It influenced on tastes of Russian society. It was very useful to Russian people. It was the place of  balls, poetry and music  parties.


On March 1st 1770 a businessman France Gardner founded The English club. Lots of Russian aristocrats were its members. The club was famous for its excellent cuisine and the cooks were considered  to be the best in Russia. It was closed only in 1917.

Sl.6, 7

Catherine II continued traditions of Peter I. She invited some more British doctors, architects, artists. As she was fond of English gardening , she invited some gardeners to S-P. One of them was John Bush by name. He laid the English garden in Gatchina and a lawn in Catherine’s gardens in Tsarskoye Selo.


Since 1770 an architect Charles Cameron started working in Petersburg. He created the ensemble of Cameron gallery, a term and hanging garden in Tsarskoye Selo.


Catherine was fond of art. During her ruling the Hermitage was opened. Works of famous British artists were taken there. In 1779 she bought a large collection of paintings for the Hermitage. There were the artworks of British artists such as Robert Walker, William Dobson, Godfrey Kneller.
A famous English artist  John Atkinson was invited to St. Petersburg and he became the first English painter who showed Russian life and the sights of our city. He was a talented person and artist. He spent in St. Petersburg 10 years and created the portraits of the heroes of the war for the Gallery.


The Gallery was opened in 1826.  One of the greatest works was the portrait of Barclay de Tolly.  It had a great success.  George  Dawegot  was  given  a title of  the tsar painter.


It’s not a secret that our city is situated on islands. Speaking about them we should mention  an architector Geste. He  is better known as the engineer  who built bridges. In September 1806,the first metal bridge over the Moika was built. It was the Police Bridge.  It seemed so light that many  people were worried about its  strength. But the Police bridge has been working for more than 200 years.  Geste’s project was established as a typical  model.  It was used  for  Krasnyy, Siniy, and Potseluev bridges.


There are a lot of words borrowed from Britains. It’s «Sport», for example. The English were the founders of the first sport clubs in Russia. It  was a  rowing club in Krestovskiy Island and  Law Tennis Court in Petrogradskaya side. The first football teams were also founded by  the English in the beginning of the 20th century. Since that time football has been popular in our city.


Do you know what popular serial is connected with our city? Of course it’s about Sherlock Holmes. Some places in our native city were  turned into London in the time of the queen Victoria.
We are sure since that moment our school № 530 will be closely connected with Britain too. We have  filmed a new version of Sherlock Holmes in our school.


If you miss Britain  very much go to the Museum of Phone History. You’ll have a chance to see one of the symbols of Great Britain. Red telephone booth is an inalienable part of Britain like  red double decker bus, Big Ben, etc.

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